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Our mission "Serving the students"

This fundamental statement stands for the Studentenwerk Göttingen from the beginning of its existence until today.  

The end of the First World War marks the beginning of our history. Many students had lost the financial support of their parents' home. In the winter semester of 1918/19, the university commissioned three lecturers and three students to provide the students with the essentials and to ensure a food supply.  

With the entry "Studentenhaus Göttingen e.V." in the register of associations on December 28, 1921, the history of the Studentenwerk Göttingen began formally. With the help of university teachers, the dean of the university, the University Association and the students, donations from the population, industry and agriculture were raised. This is how the Studentenwerk was able to start its work.  

After the Second World War, the Studentenwerk Göttingen was re-founded and received the legal form of the foundation under public law in 1946.  

Self-administration and help for students, even under the most difficult economic conditions, are the motor of our work and the foundation of our self-image as a modern service enterprise. The legal form of the foundation under public law, which is unique among the Studentenwerke in Germany and is also enshrined in the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (Niedersächsisches Hochschulgesetz), ensures our independent action.  

The study as an intensive education and training phase is - today as well as then - a formative phase of life and a special part of the personality development. The Studentenwerk relieves the students of daily life worries and backs them up.   

Social backbone of students: our commitment

  • We successfully continued the initiative, born out of necessity in 1921, and offer a comprehensive service package for all students in Göttingen. 
  • We offer reasonably priced, varied and healthy food. 
  • We stand for affordable and communicative living space. 
  • We supervise pedagogically qualified and comprehensively children. 
  • We guarantee an individual, fair and neutral advice. 
  • We help in economic distress. 
  • We enrich the lives of students with culture and, thus, promote their personal development.    

Service: our passion 

  • We are pleased to be a service provider for students and universities and are always available as a dedicated partner. 
  • We take the needs and problems of students and universities seriously and support them with social, goal-oriented and timely solutions. 
  • Our goal is to exceed students' expectations and work diligently and reliably.  

Competence: our claim 

  • Through student involvement in our committees, we bring a great deal of experience into our projects. 
  • We see in student self-governments the indispensable basis for community living in the dormitories. 
  • Through close and trusting cooperation with the university, the other universities and the city of Göttingen, we are realising joint projects for the benefit of the university location Göttingen. 
  • Through active promotion of ideas and regular training of all employees, we continuously expand our range of services in order to improve the social framework conditions for a successful study.    

Enthusiasm: our basic attitude 

  • We meet each other in a spirit of partnership, open and fair, thus, living the social mission also internally. 
  • We recognise the achievements of our colleagues and support each other. 
  • We act independently, take responsibility and live the idea of the ??Studentenwerk.


Studentenwerk Göttingen
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Studentenwerk Göttingen
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